I'm committed to achieving  my health and weight release goals. 

No worries. You are under no commitment and can cancel whenever you wish. 

Don’t Take My Word For It

" I started with you around 230 lbs and now I am floating between 145 and 147. I am now paying it forward by working with a young woman to help her get her mind straight. She has known me over the years and is enthusiastic about how I've reached my goal. I have given her a copy of your book and meet with her monthly to encourage.

I know that my BMI was close to 40 when I started and is now in the 25s. I was taking two perscriptions for HBP and am working my way off the second one. I was initially resistant to carrying my food; now I have at least an apple in my purse and carry my food with me to work daily.

My back doesn't hurt all the time and although my arthritis kicks up, I have a new friend, energy. I didn't realize how little energy I had until I finally got some daily. My doctors are singing my praises and people whisper to me" did you have the surgery?".

The feeling that I am working within God's plan for me is huge. It is a blessing to not be ashamed of what I see in the mirror. It is a bigger blessing to be able to walk with people 20 or 30 years my junior and be able to keep up.


Thank you so much for not giving up on me. 

Now that I am at the weight, I want to remain with the group to reinforce what I have learned and protect my loss by continuing to grow, eat right, and work out appropriately for my age and limitations.

Sometimes I get misty thinking about the goodness of the Lord and the beautiful people He sent to help me. Thank you so much!!!!


Faye Williams

Haven Member

"I started my weight loss journey with Cathy and Weight Loss God's Way in March 2014. I started at the highest weight I've ever been (just over 232lbs). I was miserable, and I had tried countless diets. What I have found in Cathy's plan is a simple, focused, Christ centered plan that is full of support! Since I started I have dropped just over 35lbs and am finally squeaking under the 200lb mark."

Laura Roehl

Haven Member

"In January I was wearing a size 26. This weekend my daughter took me shopping for an out fit for my birthday. I got into a size 14. I never dreamed I would see that size again. God is good.

Today is my birthday. I have no desire for a cake. I have no desire to be taken out to eat for my birthday (this is huge for me!), my desire is to continue to grow in God.

I am continually grateful for Cathy Morenzie and Lose Weight God’s Way. For God choosing me and not because He had to. For Him never letting me go (long story with this one). For Him being more than enough. For you guys in this program.

I could go on and on. GOD IS SO GOOD AND THE BATTLE IS HIS. Hugs."

Janet Mullins 

Haven Member

Here's Exactly What You'll Get When You Become a Haven Member

  • New Weight Releasing Discussion Topics every week - all faith based - all action oriented - all empowering.
  • Exclusive Unlimited Access to Live & Recorded Monthly Webinars from experts on Health, Faith and Weight Loss including Kimberley Taylor, Barb Raveling, Theresa Rowe and many others.
  • Weekly Small Group Meetings. Bring your questions, share your challenges or simply be encouraged each and every week. 
  • Exercise workouts- Have access to our library of exercise videos with new workout being added each month.
  • Connection - Join the benefits of an active, loving, supportive community of believers walking with you on your journey - chat, connect, confide and commit on a daily basis
  • Christ-Loving Community - we make no apologies for our faith - we believe that in Christ all things are possible and so we take our health and faith challenges to the only one who can permanently help us - we use the Word of God to affirm and confirm the principles outlined in this program.
  • Prayer Support - Struggling with temptation, emotional eating or with making a big change? We are here to pray for you and support you every step of the way
  • Expert Advice - As a personal trainer and wellness consultant fo over 30 years, I've worked with thousands of people over the years to help them release excess weight - let me help you too.
  • Focus on Results - without Accountability, Transparency, Consistency and Faith, you are doomed to failure - our system of weekly weigh ins, exercise and nutrition check ins, prayer and bible studies will help you develop a consistent plan for success.
  • We tackle the tough underlying issues - let's face it...anyone can lose weight temporarily but it takes a special program to teach you how to keep the weight off forever.  Our step-by-step approach gives you all the tools and principles you will ever need to manage your weight for the rest of your life.
  • Flexibility - You can immerse yourself in the daily discussions or jump on and post 1x per week. The choice is yours. 
  • Unlimited access to our 'Weight Loss, God's Way Challenge', our Breakthrough program and participate in all new programs at a deeply discount price. Membership definitely has it's priviledges.